Remo Soccer


The REMO Trainer is easy to assemble with no tools required. When assembled, the REMO Trainer measures 40” H x 52” W x 28” D and can fit through a standard interior door for indoor play.
*shown with optional Non-Grass Anchoring System


The REMO SOCCER Repetitive Motion Training System*, featuring the REMO Trainer and the 32-lesson training DVD, creates a breakthrough methodology that provides the right kinds of repetitive motion trainings that will advance any soccer player’s proficiency regardless of age or skill level.



The optional Non-Grass Anchoring System can either be attached to the REMO Trainer’s base frame, as shown above (Easy On/Easy Off™ Non-Grass Anchoring System), or can replace the REMO Trainer’s base frame (Remove/Replace™ Non-Grass Anchoring System).

The optional Non-Grass Anchoring System allows the REMO Trainer to be used on synthetic turf, driveways or even inside your home, providing endless hours of play and training, daytime or nighttime, rain or shine, winter or summer!