Remo Soccer


The key to success in soccer is mastering its 5 essential skills: First touch, Dribbling, Passing, Striking the Ball and 1v1 play. Achieving excellence in these 5 essential skills requires hours upon hours of highly repetitive motion training, or ReMos.

The REMO SOCCER Repetitive Motion Training System, featuring the REMO Trainer, creates a breakthrough methodology that provides the right kinds of repetitive motion trainings that will advance any soccer player’s proficiency regardless of age or skill level. The patent pending REMO Trainer will return a struck ball to the user instantly so he or she can get hundreds of repetitive touches in just minutes; more than might be attained in an entire season of games! Not only that, but the trainings are designed so that competency will improve with both feet, a skill that will turn a good soccer player into a versatile and indispensable part of any team.

At the heart of the REMO SOCCER Repetitive Motion Training System is a robust curriculum written by noted youth soccer training expert, Antony Wilshaw. The 32 lesson plans include repetitive motion trainings for both individual play and group play, and include games that will advance skills and provide hours of enjoyment.  Every lesson and skill set is clearly filmed in a menu-driven DVD so any coach, parent or athlete can establish an individual road map to improvement.

The REMO Trainer is not a toy. It is built with industrial grade netting and specially formulated ultra-durable PVC piping to ensure product integrity and long lasting use. And, best of all, it can be used every day of the year in the back yard, the driveway or even in the house, providing a fun and meaningful way to become a better player!