Remo Soccer


The Five Essential Soccer Skills

The REMO SOCCER Repetitive Motion Training System helps players achieve game-day mastery by developing the five essential soccer skills:
1) First Touch;
2) Dribbling;
3) Passing;
4) Striking the ball; and,
5) 1 v 1 play.

Mastering these five skills will generate greater ball movement, create more space in which to play, keep pressure on your opponent and win more one on one battles and, ultimately, more games.


FIRST TOUCH - The most important touch in soccer is the first touch, whether it’s receiving and settling the ball or taking the ball on a dribble. If the first touch is unsuccessful then a player severely limits his or her ability to control the ball. However, if the first touch is mastered, a player is more likely to create time and space to make critical game decisions. With the patent-pending REMO Trainer, a player can get thousands of first touches per week, that will translate to more competitive plays on the field.

Specific skills for first touch include: receiving a pass inside the feet along the floor; receiving a pass outside of the feet along the floor; receiving a ball with the sole of the feet; receiving a ball from the air with feet, thighs and chest; and, juggling touches with all soccer legal parts of the body.

DRIBBLING - After receiving and settling the ball, competence in dribbling with both feet allows players to utilize their speed and athleticism to their fullest potential. Poor dribbling will make speedy players look just ordinary and will cause average players to be taken completely out of the game.

Specific skills for dribbling include: multi touch dribbling; running with the ball dribble; sole of the feet dribbling; change of direction moves; attacking 1v1 moves; hesitation moves; inside and outside cuts; and, ball skill manipulations.

PASSING - Passing the ball is another essential skill. It can determine how many scoring chances a team can create, how often a team is in possession of the ball and how quickly a team can advance the ball down the field.  Without passing competency, a team will quickly find itself “out of possession” more than “in possession”.

Specific skills for passing include: inside of the feet passing technique; outside of the feet passing technique; driven passes with the instep; curled passes (swerve techniques); chipped passes; and, two player combinations.

STRIKING THE BALL - Correctly striking a soccer ball with authority is the final step in scoring a goal. It’s the last touch on the way to goal and is a technique that needs practice to give a player the best chance of scoring. The REMO Trainer gives players thousands of repetitive motions to ensure they maximize all of their scoring opportunities.

Specific skills for striking a ball include: shooting with the shoe laces technique (both feet); inside of the foot shot placement technique (both feet); volley techniques (both feet); outside of the foot shooting technique (swerving); and, inside of the foot shooting technique (curving).

1 v 1 Play - Once players have achieved competence in first touch, passing, dribbling, and striking the ball, they need to gain confidence in 1 v 1 play.  1 v 1 play is something that needs to be practiced and repeated for players to be successful in live game situations. Players will learn how to create space for themselves or disguise a 1 v 1 move in a way that will give a clearer path to the goal for them or their team.

Specific 1v1 skills include: attacking 1v1 moves opposed (scissors move, follow my shoulder, double tap); changes of direction moves opposed (Maradona, Cruyff, pull back & top spin); hesitation moves opposed (stop/start, hello/goodbye); and finally, all 1v1 moves are finished by attempting to score on the REMO trainer.