What is Remo


Advanced Rebounder

The patent pending REMO Trainer will return a struck ball to the user instantly so he or she can get hundreds of repetitive touches in just minutes; more than might be attained in an entire season of games!


Fun and engaging

The REMO SOCCER Repetitive Motion Training System, featuring the REMO Trainer, creates a breakthrough methodology that provides the right kinds of repetitive motion trainings that will advance any soccer player’s proficiency regardless of age or skill level.


Also A Box Goal

The Remo Soccer Trainer doubles as a box goal, perfect for realistic shooting and goalkeeping practice. Improve accuracy and power with individual or group training.


Over 32 Video Lessons

The Remo Soccer Trainer comes with a robust curriculum that includes 32 lesson plans. These plans cover all of the essential soccer skills, from first touch to 1v1 play.

What People Say

MB Remos Testimonial

“The REMO Soccer Trainer has been a game-changer for me. It has helped me improve my skills and gain an edge on the field. Highly recommend!”

Menkaure | asbsoccer

“As a coach at Inter Atlanta FC, I’ve seen the impact of REMO on players’ technique and confidence. It’s an invaluable training tool!”

Coach LJ | Inter Atlanta FC

“My daughter’s progress skyrocketed with REMO. She loves the interactive training and has gained skills and confidence. Thank you, REMO!”

Tawanda (Soccer Mom)